Our Electrical Services

Delta Tech Electric’s main goal is to serve our customers with quality workmanship that is safe and reliable. With the many industries and services offered, we have a solution for almost any situation. Our industries that we serve range between industrial, commercial and residential, and we can service any high or low voltage electrical needs that may exist. If you are looking to restructure or build from the ground up, our design team will be able to work with you directly. As certified and licensed electrical contractors, we are authorized to provide professional estimates and designs that will prove to exceed your expectations. Our installation team can work with any building’s situation, and will efficiently put your project into action with a final result that is up to code and above all standards. No matter the size of your electrical predicament, we will be there for any emergency repairs or upgrades you may require. We also provide maintenance and inspection services that will keep you up and running smoothly.

Maintenance Electrical Services


Having proper maintenance of your home or business’ electrical should be a top priority. It is extremely important to ensure that everything is running smoothly at the property to avoid any possible disasters. If any wiring is frayed or out of place, there could be potential fire hazards. Our licensed electricians will come out to your location, and run a full inspection to make sure you have no risk factors. If there is any part of your place that is not up to code, we can provide electrical maintenance services that will get you up to the highest standards, and keep you safe.

Low Voltage Electrical Services

Low Voltage Services

Delta Tech Electric provides low voltage electricians that are efficient, and will work on any low voltage project that your home or business requires. Whether looking for a small scale home entertainment center, or a large scale security camera system installation, you can count on us to supply and install a service unlike any other. All of our technicians that work on your projects are certified, with many years of electrical experience and expertise.

Communication Services


When it comes to setting up the communications for any business, it is imperative that it is done by quality technicians. Keeping the lines of communication for a company running smoothly allows for a successful work environment. Any downtime can lead to loss in profits, or build a bad reputation, driving away potential clients. Allow Delta Tech Electric to design, install and service your company’s communications. We are capable of providing services ranging from ADSL Lines and outlets, to mission-critical network and fibre optics roll-outs.

Electrical Repair Services


Anytime your electrical is experiencing difficulties, it can be stressful. There is always the worry of fire hazards, but the biggest issue us the immediate effect that the lack of electricity in the home or business can have. At times, the situations require a minor repair, but when your problem is major, the solution requires the work of professional electricians who are licensed to resolve any electrical emergency. Delta Tech Electric only brings the best on site to your location because we understand that quality workmanship is a priority. Not only are our repair services top notch, but they are also offered at competitive rates because emergent situations may be financially challenging. Look to us for any of your electrical repair needs.

Bucket Truck Services

Bucket Truck Services

Not every electrical service can be accomplished at a manageable height. That is why Delta Tech Electric has dedicated their time to a solution for your height challenging electrical needs. Bucket trucks are a great way to resolve electrical services up to 60′ in the air. We have several of these trucks of varying heights that accommodate scenarios for aerial maintenance and installations. These trucks provide us the ability to work on parking lot lighting, overhead service wiring, signs, aerial communications hardware, plus any other electrical or communication device you can think of that is above the average working heights.

Generator Installation Services

Generator Installations

Most residents of the South Florida area are familiar with losing power whether it be from a typical afternoon thunderstorm, or an unpredictable tropical storm. With that in mind, generators have gained much popularity in recent years. Delta Tech Electric is able to provide a cost effective and convenient solution for any power outage situations you may face at your home or business. Look to us when you are in need of any services related to generators. This includes the supply, installation, repairs and maintenance that may be required throughout the lifetime of your generator. It is important that you can rely on your backup power source, so look to a company who can give you peace of mind during any storm or power outage you face in the future.